Paul and Nicki are married!!!!  They had a fun, beautiful, sweet, emotional, incredible wedding.  There were lots of happy tears and even more laughter.  Nicki was absolutely stunning in her fairy tale gown and Paul definitely agrees.  🙂  There were tons of personal and sentimental touches sprinkled throughout the day that certainly made their wedding special.  One of the bridesmaids and Paul’s sister was unable to attend, because she was having a baby!  So that’s what the “text” pictures are from…the baby was born while the girls were getting ready.  The family gained a baby girl and a beautiful bride on that day!  The entire wedding was held at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Rochester, with the exception of the portraits.  It made for a time crunch, but it was totally worth it to go to Nicki’s grandparent’s farm for their portraits.  Their portraits mean so much more since we were there…even though we had to do everything in 33 minutes!  Craziness!  But it all worked out and we were back to the reception before we knew it for all the fun to happen.  Their reception was an absolute blast, as you’ll see.  Enjoy the Sneak Peeks of this beautiful wedding and congratulations again Nicki & Paul!!!!