The Southcott Family! Family Pictures in Rome, NY

November 4, 2021

The Southcott family bought a new house! This dear family is moving and instead of their usual family pictures, we did something a little different this year. I went out and captured lots of favorite places and memories. Each person had something special, be it the basement that they dug out by hand and played games by the fire all winter long, or their bunk beds, or the view of the back of the house, or favorite animals at the amazing zoo next door and across the street, or forts and adventures in the woods, or reading books in a rocking chair. We took the time and laughed and played and dealt with bittersweet struggle that is closing one chapter to move on to the next adventure. I know there are SO many exciting new adventures ahead and I’m so honored to be able to be a part of preserving some of these memories. ps. Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo is great and if you’re in Rome, stop by for a visit!