I walked into Robin’s parents house to the regular pre-wedding atmosphere…laughter, nerves, and the smell of curling irons & hairspray.  Robin sported a cute “Coming soon…Mrs. L” hoodie and her lovely girls began to arrive.  I walked into the living room where the 4 year old flower girl was watching tv.  I always want to get on the good side of the little ones, so I excitedly asked her, “are you going to be a princess today!?” (Little girls this are are usually ALL about princesses and will then go off about how they are Ariel or Cinderella).  The petite little darling turned from the TV and looked at me stony-faced.  No.  I’m going to be a Ninja Turtle.  And turns back to the TV.  I love this kid.  And thus began the fun that was Robin & Josh’s big day.  Robin was absolutely beautiful and they had an INCREDIBLE group of family and friends who laughed, cried and celebrated with them all day.  The ceremony was held at Church Radiant and the beautiful outdoor reception was held at Salmon Creek Country Club.  I’m particularly proud of the “all guest” photo we organized…I was so excited that we were able to figure out how to pull that off.  One of my favorite touches from the day were the hundreds of glow necklaces that they brought out during the dancing!  SUPER fun!  Enjoy the Sneak Peeks….I can’t wait for you to see them all.

 How cute is that sign?

 I just love Josh’s face as he looks at his bride.  🙂

Here’s that all-guest photo I was telling you about!  🙂